In July 1999, Mikael Krafft, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Star Clippers told us why he fell in love with clippers...

"When Star Clippers was founded, I wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of re-creating true sailing clipper ships and have them successfully sail the seas and oceans of the world. These were the incredibly swift large sailing ships that opened up international commerce in the 19th century.

We began building Star Flyer in 1989 and she was commissioned in 1991. Star Clipper entered service in 1992. We recognized the need to create a unique shipboard experience for these clipper ships. We call our informal yet elegant approach to sailing the "Mega-Yacht Experience".

I have been very fortunate in my life to build and own some major sailing mega-yachts. These are the large private yachts that one sees in the finest harbors. I had the opportunity to move around the world with my best friends, feeling a real family atmosphere, while being pampered in comfort with modern amenities. We would glide silently through the sea under full sail, enjoy sunbathing and watersports at a secluded beach, have dinner with the captain, and chart the next day's sail to a fascinating out of the way port which only yachts can easily reach.

What I discovered is by building clipper ships and providing the activities, amenities and atmosphere of my own yacht, we can offer mega-yacht sailing at a price which often is less than you would pay for a nice cabin on a typical large cruise ship. This provides a fabulous alternative to mass market cruising while being in full harmony with the environment, the sea and away from ports congested with tourists. "

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