Prow's Edge takes a look at Antarctica through the lens of celebrated travel photographer Steve Schimmelman's camera......

At 9 o'clock on the 28th January, the ms Rotterdam VI, flagship of the Holland America Line, reached the Antarctic Peninsula and became the largest passenger liner to navigate these waters.

Our route took us south of Cape Horn through Drake's Passage, and between Brabant and Anvers Islands, through to the Antarctic Peninsula, meeting the Gerlache Strait, south through Newmayer Channel to the beautiful Lemaire Channel.

After sighting a wealth of wildlife from humpback whales to penguins and seals the ms Rotterdam VI came about at 12:45 PM reaching 65 degrees 06 8 minutes south and 64 degrees 00 3 minutes west – the furthest south of a large passenger liner.

Captain Jakob W. Dijk then reversed her course back through Lemaire Channel towards Paradise Bay through Gerlache Strait heading for Deception Island, a unique volcanic crater in the South Shetland Islands.

Here are just a few photographs of that memorable journey....

Ice berg at dusk near Deception Island off the Antarctic Peninsula

View of the Lemaire Channel from the radar tower of the ms Rotterdam VI

Peaks in the Lemaire Channel

Breakfast in Antarctica – in the Newmayer Channel

Magellan penguin from colony in Punta Arenas, Chile

Large seal colony near Ushuaia, Argentina

Steve Schimmelman is a freelance photographer based out of Seattle, WA. "Capturing images from people and places, my passion is travel photography. " He has done work for several cruise lines including: Windstar Cruises, Society Expeditions and Holland America Line. "I hope soon to scratch Asia, Africa and Australia off my list of continents yet to visit!"

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