The Company You Can Trust For Phone Cards

There are many places to purchase prepaid phone cards and you've probably seen some stacked next to the magazines near the cashier at your local supermarket. You can even find them in gas stations or the corner grocery store in your neighborhood. But the best place to purchase a calling card, like almost anything else today is on the Internet. When you buy a long distance calling card from a reputable company on the Internet you're actually buying an electronic version, instead of a physical card where you have to scratch off to reveal your PIN number. It's just like buying a song on iTunes. You instantly download a song at iTunes after purchase, instead of a music CD being mailed to your home. A reputable company making its way up the internets communications ladder is

At speedy pin, they began as a family business and have successfully been serving customers for over 10 years growing into one of the biggest online phone card merchants on the web. For calling cards in general, you would receive the PIN number as well as the access number for making your calls by email. One of the biggest obstacles, for most people, in finding the right calling card has always been with finding a reliable and honest company. Ever since the industry began consumer complaints of missing minutes, bad call quality and poor customer service sprouted like wildfire. But today things are a bit different because there are stronger regulations and consumer protection, especially with speedy pin. With speedy pin you are offered wholesale discounts on selected cards.

As a customer of speedy pin, I have benefited immensely! I have saved hundreds of dollars in the past few months because of my new international phone card that I purchased from Generally, prepaid international calling cards are ideal if you want to save money on international calls to almost anywhere in the world. The service from speedy pin is able to provide consumers lower international rates because they specialize and focus on phone calls and not on the actual infrastructure that carries our voices. Not all calling card companies will provide the same services and call quality as speedy pin. They make all commercially reasonable effort to ensure the high quality of its products and to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding phone card features and rates. They guarantee that the phone cards they sell operate according to industry standards. In the event that any product sold by should fail, a replacement or refund will be made. For more info on calling cards, go to!