Cruise Planning – A guide to planning your cruise

This cruise planning guide offers step by step instructions to planning the perfect cruise. From planning the cruise budget to knowing what you should take care of before you set off on your cruise, Prow’s Edge Cruise Magazine guides you through the 6 important stages in cruise planning – useful tools for first time cruisers or cruisers who just want to avoid the disasters of the last cruise.

1: Planning the budget
The first step is to plan the budget for your cruise. The crew aboard Prow’s Edge offers some basic tips and a special Cruise Budget Check List covering everything from the cruise basic costs to gratuities for shore excursions.

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2: Outlining the cruise wish list
The second step, once you know how much you want to spend on your cruise, is to find the right cruise for “you”. Prow’s Edge suggests things to consider, like budget, destination, cruise ship size and cruise lines.

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3: Cruising the finer details
Armed with the basic cruise wish list, and aware of the budget, the finer details to consider before booking the cruise are things like the size and location of the cabin, dining options, fitness and spa facilities, entertainment on board and the shore excursions on offer.

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4: Booking the cruise
Armed with precise planning, the next step is to actually book the cruise. Prow’s Edge gives a few pointers on where and how to make the booking, when to take the plunge and things to look out for like single supplements and budget fares.

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5: Before you sail
Now that you know you’re actually going on your cruise, it is a good idea to plan what you need to take with you, from clothes to medications. The crew aboard Prow’s Edge offers some basic tips and a special check list for Important Things to Pack.

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6: Before you leave home
And finally, things to plan for before you head out of the door with tips on what to do ahead of departure day, for security and on the day of departure itself.

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Don’t let this be daunting - planning for the right cruise should be part of the fun of taking a cruise - not a chore. These tips and information are not meant to intimidate you - but to make the job easier.

 Cruise Planning

• 1: planning the budget
• 2: the cruise wish list
• 3: cruising the finer details
• 4: booking the cruise
• 5: before you sail
• 6: before you leave home

 Cruise Deals

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