Cruise Crime Victim "To Do" List

Important check list of the steps you need to take if you become a victim of crime on a cruise ship.

If you are unfortunate enough to become the victim of crime on a cruise ship, particularly if you are the victim of an assault/sexual assault, there are some measures you need to be aware of that may help you deal with the aftermath and to ensure that as much evidence as possible is collected.

1: If the crime is that of assault/sexual assault, seek treatment for any injuries as soon as possible, make sure that forensic evidence is professionally collected, and get photographic evidence of these injuries.

2: Do not dispose of any evidence such as clothes, or launder other evidence like bed sheets etc, but rather make sure such items are collected for forensic examination.

3: Immediately report any crime you may be the victim of to the cruise ship’s security officer and try to ensure that the scene of the crime remains intact until evidence is collected by official professionals.

4: Be sure to gather as much information from witnesses, and be sure to retain their names, telephone numbers and other contact information.

5: If any of the following conditions are met, report the crime to the FBI and the US Coast Guard:

• you are a US national
• the perpetrator is a US national
• the cruise line is owned in whole or part by an US company
• the cruise ship calls at any US port during the cruise
• the crime takes place within 12 miles of the US coast

Important emergency numbers are:
FBI (Washington, DC) : 202-324-3000

US Coast Guard - Atlantic Area Command Center : 757-398-6390
US Coast Guard - Pacific Area Command Center : 510-437-3701

6: Whoever investigates the crime, ask for a copy of the paperwork involved.

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