Cruise Planning – Step 6: Before you Leave Home

And finally, the last step - here is a handy check list of things you need to do before you leave home for your cruise.

Not a lot of work, but leave yourself enough time, particularly on the morning of departure to see to the last minute items.

Ahead of Departure Day

Make sure that all regular deliveries, like newspapers and bottled water are cancelled for the time you are away.

Also find someone to ensure that mail deliveiers do not build up and collect at the doorstep.

Arrange that all living things, from plants to pets, will be taken care of while you are away. Neigbours often swap these duties, or teenagers are known to be persuaded with a little bribe!

Take your prized possessions and valuables to a safer place. Either Mom’s house or the bank!

Give a detailed itinerary, complete with phone numbers (even on board) to anyone taking care of your home or pets (or even relatives) for the time of your trip.

Let the alarm company know where you will be and give them your contact information as well as the neame and number of an alternative contact

For Security

It is best to make sure that the house does not look unoccupied. Automatic timers are useful to have lights, and even radios come on and off at appropriate times and a friendly neighbour can give the house or condo an even more lived in feel by alternating which window coverings are closed.

On Departure Day

In the kitchen empty the fridge and larder of perishables, wash anything that might start to fester while you’re away, take out the garbage and turn off and unplug all appliances.

Elsewhere in the house, unplug all electrical items, except the timer for the lights and radio, lock all windows and doors (even interior ones) and close window coverings.

And finally - make sure you have
1: tickets
2: travel documents like passports, visas
3: money

The tickets will ensure you get where you want to go, the travel documents will make sure they let you get there, and money will buy whatever else it is you may have forgotten!

 Cruise Planning

• 1: planning the budget
• 2: the cruise wish list
• 3: cruising the finer details
• 4: booking the cruise
• 5: before you sail
• 6: before you leave home