Cruise Planning – Step 5: Before you Sail

Now that you have found the perfect cruise, and it’s all booked, all that’s left to do before you go is to plan the last minute details.

The more thorough this stage of your planning, the more likely you are to enjoy the cruise.

Planning your Wardrobe
Planning what you need to pack for a cruise helps eliminate the main mistake most cruise travelers make - taking too much! And it shouldn’t happen, because it is easy enough to figure out what you are going to need on a day to day basis.

Write out a list, a diary in advance, of what clothes you would like to wear each day, for day wear and evening. All the cruise lines are quiet clear about their dress code and what is required for evening wear. They also suggest appropriate wear for during the day. Then cut the list of clothes by half - or at least try.

You will be surprised to find what you don’t really need.

Make sure you pack enough of your regular prescription and non prescription medications, and supplements to last you the time you are away and even for a few days extra in case there are any delays in getting home.

Here is a handy check list of things (apart from clothes) you might want to take with you on a cruise. Remember - this is not about trying to fit everything possible on the list into your case - it’s about what you are sure you will need!


regular prescription and non prescription medications
something to aid constipation
something to aid diarrhoea
supplements and vitamins
sun screen
insect Repellent

Practically all hotels and cruise ships will provide the basics like soap, hair shampoo, towels and face cloths - even dental floss. Remember, however, to pack for any special needs - like dandruff shampoo or hypoallergenic soap.

razor or shaver
shaving foam / soap

dental floss


brush / comb
hair gel


nail clippers


camera / camcorder
camera case
memory Card

alarm Clock

cell Phone
cell phone battery charger

spare glasses

cap / hat

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 Cruise Planning

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