Cruise Planning – Step 1: Planning the Budget

The first step in planning a cruise is to plan your budget.

Planning your budget is basically about what you can afford - or what you are willing to beg, borrow and steal in order to get yourself on that cruise. The biggest expenditure is going to be the cruise itself, but you need to be aware that everything else, from shore excursions to gratuities, can very easily add up to match the initial cost of the cruise.

Here is a list of the expenses you will need to consider. The list may seem extraordinarily long - but it is better to be thorough and to think of EVERY eventuality, and indeed, to overestimate the costs. It’s easy enough to come home with cash in your pocket - not so easy if you run short on the cruise or end up having to mortgage the dog when you get home!


Cruise Basics
Basic cruise fare including single supplements if applicable
Port Taxes
Gratuities / Tipping

Cruise Extras
Bar charges (including sodas by the pool)
Alternative dining option surcharges
Extra treats that some cruise lines charge for
Spa charges
Fitness charges
Internet service
Onboard duty free purchases
Onboard gift shop purchases

On Shore
Shore excursions, tours and activities ashore
Gratuities for shore excursions etc
Car rental
Parking and other car expenses
Meals ashore if necessary
Duty free shopping

Air surcharges - check for latest trends
Airport transfers - taxis and buses

Extra Expenses
Accommodation pre and post cruise if necessary
Meals pre and post cruise

Other Expenses
Travel insurance
Passports and other travel documents

On to the next step: 2: Outlining the cruise wish list

 Cruise Planning

• 1: planning the budget
• 2: the cruise wish list
• 3: cruising the finer details
• 4: booking the cruise
• 5: before you sail
• 6: before you leave home