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Prow's Edge gives an idea of what passengers have to say about cruise etiquette and the correct way to behave on a cruise ship.

cruise etiquette and how to hehave on a cruise ship
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Tips and Advice About Cruise Etiquette and the RIGHT Cruise Ship Behaviour

Cruise etiquette is about how to enjoy your cruise and allow others to enjoy their cruise at the same time. It is about consideration of others – which is essential when a large number of people are travelling in relatively confined spaces in conditions that are a little more crowded than they would be in an expensive Hawaiian resort or Alaskan retreat.

There are some unwritten rules that make this possible. Some are obvious – other not so much – so for those of us who are not naturally prone to being a nuisance here are a few tips to make the cruise a happier place for everyone.

Dress Code
We have had numerous reports of the classic dress code bore who claims that he doesn’t have to adhere to dress codes because he’s paid for the trip, “damnit”, and he’s going to enjoy it every which way he can and if he doesn’t have to dress according to code – that’s fine by him. The point is that he is spoiling the cruise for everyone else. Dress code is about lending some kind of uniformity to the occasions. It is for everyone’s benefit!

Late Night Revelry
The biggest complaint cruise passengers offer is about noise – particularly about those of us staggering home to the stateroom after a fun night at the disco. We may have had a great time and want to guffaw about it on the way back to the cabin – but the loud reminiscences are not so much fun in the dead of night for those trying to sleep.

Cell Phones
Exactly the same nuisance you encounter on the bus back home, there is nothing worse than someone carrying on a loud conversation on the cell phone from the lounger next to yours. Lots of fun for you bragging to the office back home how great the sunshine is – not so much fun for fellow passengers around you.

We all love children but the antics of your own kids may not be as amusing for the people around you – especially if they’re running about and shouting and bumping into your space.

Hogging the Space
Everyone knows that some people get up very early in the morning to reserve their favourite space on the deck! Don’t is our advice! One cruise passenger we spoke to got up even earlier one morning, waited for fellow guests to “reserve” their spaces by the pool and then followed their departure by throwing all their belongings into the pool. Claim your space when and only when you are ready to use it!

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