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Tips and cruise advice here at Prow's Edge about keeping fit and healthy on a cruise without missing any of the fun.

keeping fit and healthy on your cruise ship
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Tips and Advice About Keeping Fit and Healthy on a Cruise

There is a myth that a cruise vacation is all about over indulgence, expanded waist lines, more hangovers than usual, and a need for a further holiday just to recover.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Taking a cruise is, in reality, the perfect opportunity to take advantages of healthy alternatives - and this doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the fun. On the contrary, it means having more fun, discovering new things and living new experiences.

If that all sounds a little far fetched to you – and you’re already heading to the chocolate buffet – here are some tips to help you make the most of your next cruise and expand your horizons.

Eating Healthy - It’s not a hardship! Look at the healthy dining options as opportunities to do what you would really like to do at home every day. Eating healthy at home can sometimes be expensive. Not everyone, for example, can afford, nor wants to go to the bother of slicing a selection of tropical fruits each morning. Or slicing fresh smoked salmon or making delicious yolk free omelettes.

But on a cruise, these kinds of food are always available without you having to lift a finger.

The trick is to see these options as opportunities, not as less attractive alternatives to the plate piled up with fried eggs, fried bacon, fried sausages ....

Keeping Fit - It’s not a punishment!

Not many passengers want to spend their vacation in the gym – that’s part of the grind back home – but think again. Most cruise ships have amazingly stocked gyms with the latest hotshot gadgets and equipment you’ve only heard about. A work out in the cruise ship gym is often a new adventure, and a whole lot of fun! When do you gaze out on the ocean at home as you trundle along on the treadmill?

Remember also that aerobics or yoga classes are usually complimentary. And private sessions with an personal trainer are cheaper at sea than back home.

Spas - It’s not just for the show-offs!

Cruise ship spas are part of the cruising experience. But many passengers see the thought of booking a session in the spa as somewhat elitist and way too expensive.

And yet they will happily spend money every night in the bar before dinner, at the dinner table, and in the club late at night.

Take some sound advice and spend the money instead on an enjoyable massage which has obvious benefits, or a detoxifying facial, so you can look your best for when you do hit the night club.

Active Shore Excursions - It’s not just about grinding hikes!

As soon as most passengers think of healthy options in terms of the shore excursions, they immediately start thinking of grinding mountain hikes at the crack of dawn. And who really wants to do that – unless you’re training for a triathlon.

What most forget, however, when thinking of active shore excursions, is that many pleasurable pastimes actually give you a very hearty work out. Snorkelling, for example, or even kayaking, can be a lot of fun, will certainly get your heart rate up for a while and may just serve you better than sitting on a bus driving around the Island. Plenty of time for that in the afternoon instead of the nap!

It’s all about attitude really – learning to think outside the box. You may never take a walk at home, but what’s not to enjoy when you have views of the ocean around you. You may never have considered a full shiatsu massage at home, but on a cruise it may just put a zip back into your step.


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