Even More Advice on Packing for a Cruise

The crew has already given some tips on how and what to pack for a cruise. Here are some more thoughts about packing for a cruise.

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Cutting back on the stash of toiletries

One of the bulkiest groups of items to take up all that precious luggage space is the horde of toiletries that you think are absolutely essential. Most cruise lines, however, offer either a wide range of, or at least some toiletries, that could save you a lot of space in your luggage and make packing a little easier.

Many cruise ships offer all sorts of toiletires and aids, from shampoo and toothpaste to brushes and razors

Taking an extra supply of hangers on your cruise

One of the things most people forget to pack, or indeed think is too bizarre to think about packing, are hangers. As obscure as this sounds, it is a matter of fact that many cruise lines do not offer enough in the way of hangers. As drawer space is often limited as well, it makes the cruise far easier (for who wants to spend time ironing things that had to be stuffed into drawers that were too small) to make sure that you have enough hangers. If space on the way home is an issue, you can always leave your hangers behind, so make sure you bring a supply of sturdy hangers that you don’t necessarily want to have at home again.

Easy stackable luggage

One of the most difficult things to deal with on a cruise is the extra, empty luggage once you have unpacked at the start of the cruise.There is not always a lot of room in a cabin to stash away al lthe empty luggage, and very few cruise lines are willing to take it awa yand store it for you.

A simple solution to this is to pack diffrent sized suitcases that once empty, can be be stashed inside each other. Thus 4 different suitcases could easily take the room of only one once they are packed away inside each other and then hidden under the bed.

The trouble with shoes

One of the most difficult things to decide upon, when packing for a cruise, is what you are going to need for your feet.

Taking too much simply means having too many pairs of shoes to carry, too much extra weight, and too much more leather to clean, which also means more luggage space taken up with shoe cleaning materials and brushes, never mind the space in the cabin.

It is recommended to limit the number of shoes you take to no more than 4. The pair you are wearing to board the cruise ship should be sufficient to suit not only your travel to and from home, but also to suit your needs for all your tours. The first of the pairs of shoes you pack should be an extra pair to suit that same need as the pair of shoes you wear to board the ship. You then need one very casual pair of shoes to use to the swimming pool, the beach or the spa on board the cruise ship, and finally it is suggested to have two formal pairs of shoes to use for evening wear.

It is a known tick for successful packers, that the first thing to decide upon are the shoes - then the clothes become easy to match things up.

For the original page of information on packing for a cruise please take a look at • Packing for a Cruise

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