Cruise Ship Internet

As passengers visiting Prow's Edge have told us, most ships offer satellite telephone service and Internet access 24 hours a day.

cruise ship internet
photo courtesy Andy Newman/Carnival Cruises

Tips and Advice About the Internet on Cruise Ships

Some vessels have multi-station computer centres, while others provide in-stateroom Internet access for guests who bring their own laptops. Some even have wireless connections so guests can use their laptops or one rented onboard from remote locations, such as on deck.

For certain, the use of the internet on a cruise has become less problematic and somewhat cheaper than it was ten years ago, but if you must keep in touch with family and friends at home, there are still some points to consider.

As improved as the service is, the cost is still a lot more than most would expect. Make sure you know what the rates are before logging in to create an account in the internet café, and while using the service, remember that the details of the dinner you had last night could probably wait until your return home. Keep it short. You will be charged by the minute and the minutes add up.

If budget is an issue, you might think of using internet cafés on shore. Rates in destination ports are considerably lower than they are on board ship, and all cruise ports will offer a variety of such places all close to the dock.

Another way to save money is to set up a free e-mail account with Google or Yahoo or MSN before you leave home. This saves you time (which costs) in setting up an account and also gives the opportunity to let friends and family know the e-mail address before you board the ship in case they should need to contact you.

Here are some cruise tips. Internet services on board, despite the cost, are popular. and you will not be the only one wanting to say “Hi” to friends and family. The busiest times are usually mid morning on days at sea, and when passengers get back from shore excursions in the late afternoon/evening, just before dinner.

The best time of day is very early in the morning, when the only other passengers up and about are pounding the jogging track, or very late at night when most are either asleep or jiving in the disco.
Remember however, that e-mails late at night are often not a great idea. A few beverages and you might be saying things you regret the next day. As they say: Merlot and E-mails don’t mix!

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