Basic Photography on an Alaska Cruise

Capturing your Alaska cruise

by Nicole Rebeiro

Traveling is a great opportunity to bring out your inner artist. Traveling on an Alaska cruise is a wonderful source of inspiration and a chance to explore the creative world of photography. Alaska has a remarkable landscape just waiting to be captured, and though you don’t have to be a professional photographer to show off its beauty, a few tips might just give your photos that extra piece of magic.

• 1. You can never go wrong with the Alaskan landscape. Keep your digital camera within reach because picturesque towns welcome you at the different stopovers. Take for example the charming port town of Skagway, Alaska. This quaint town was witness to the pioneering spirit of exploration during the Alaska Gold Rush. Today, the town still boasts breathtaking gorges and crystal clear lakes. Take advantage of the upper deck of your cruise ship and start taking photos as you approach the port. As you reach the land, play with different camera angles. There are interesting compositions produced from different perspectives, you don’t always need to try and cram in the whole landscape in one image.

• 2. The Alaskan wildlife is wonderfully photogenic. The adventurous spirit is ignited at the sight of brown bears, elks, moose and eagles. If you are up for it, you can opt for whale watching in Juneau. Animals are tricky subjects of photography because they do not stay still for a pose, even when asked nicely! However, their action shots are priceless because watching animals in their natural habitat is an amazing sight. To capture the magnificence of these glorious creatures, timing is crucial. Learn to anticipate the action before it actually happens. Most digital cameras are equipped with a focus feature where a camera frames the shot by clicking the shutter half way. Action shots are easily captured this way, therefore eliminating the chance of getting a blurry image. As well as this, some cameras have the option of increasing shutter speed, which creates a crisper image.

• 3. You can learn a lot about Alaskan culture through their cuisine. Because of their proximity to the sea, the majority of the people’s diet comes from its abundant waters. Enjoy a tour around Ketchikan and learn about their fishing and timber industries, and top it off with a hearty meal of delectable seafood. Food photography may not be able to capture the tastes of your food, but with the correct filters and enhancers can absorb the colors and textures.

• 4. It is easy to be enamored by beautiful scenery, however, one of the exciting things to enjoy on a cruise is meeting new people. The cruise experience gives a traveler many opportunities to mingle with fellow travelers. Take snapshots of friends you meet so you won’t forget them. Candid photographs can capture a person’s natural aura and the spontaneity of the moment. Similarly, when you ask people to pose for a photo, it is also an opportunity for them to show you their best smiles and angles.

• 5. Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to take as many shots as you can. The immense beauty of Alaska’s panoramic views is breathtaking. The advantage of using a digital camera is that you can take as many photos as your memory card can hold, and it saves on space as you’re not having to carry reams of film around with you. Perhaps, before you see that spectacular moment that you must capture, it’d be a good idea to read the instructions of your camera before you set sail to give you a head start.

Traveling is a wonderful experience that you can share with others through photographs. Through photography the Alaskan cruise experience can be shared and re kindled for the rest of your life, just make sure that you don’t spend so much time behind the camera that you forget to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the cruise experience first hand.

• Nicole Rebeiro

Nicole is a London-based travel journalist, and whilst she is not telling tales of her travels to the people of the local home where she volunteers, she is out discovering the world and creating new ones.

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