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Malcolm Andrews

Malcolm Andrews is a respected Australian freelance writer. In a career lasting almost half-a-century, he has worked for several major media organisations in Sydney and the Daily Express in London. In the early 1970s, he spent five years in Munich working for the US State Department at Radio Free Europe, which broadcast news behind the Iron Curtain.

He admits he has been blessed: “All my adult life I have been paid to pursue my two hobbies, writing and traveling.

Malcolm fell in love with travel when he sailed to London as a young man and was later commissioned by P&O to write the history of the ship on which he made that first voyage, Fairstar, just before it sailed into the sunset.

He has written 30 books on a wide variety of subjects and is currently working on his next- a fun look at the offbeat characters of the South Pacific.

You know the ones – you meet such people on every holiday YOU make!

Malcolm Andrews can be contacted on [email protected].

• Steel Yourself for Your Island in the Sun . . . by David Ellis with Malcolm Andrews

Roger Alnutt
Roger Allnutt

Roger Allnutt is a freelance travel writer based in Canberra, Australia, and a long-time member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers. He travels widely around the world researching material for publication in newspapers and magazines in Australia, New Zealand, US, Singapore and other parts of the world. Roger is happy to accept commissions and can provide material on many parts of the world. He can be reached at [email protected]. His other interests include food and wine, classical music and theatre and playing tennis.

Australia : Aboard the Celebrity Solstice - by by Roger Allnutt

• All About Chongqing - by Roger Allnutt
• All About Yichang -by Roger Allnutt
• Alaska: Small Ship Cruising - by Roger Allnutt
• Australia: The Variety of the Great Barrier Reef – by Roger Allnutt
• Australia : Cruise on Sydney Harbour – by Roger Allnutt
• Australia: Cruising River Murray on a Paddlesteamer – by Roger Allnutt
• Europe: Waltzing along the Danube – by Roger Allnutt
Yangtze : Victoria Cruise Line – by Roger Allnutt
Pacific : Heritage Fijian Cruise – by Roger Allnutt
• Pacific : Cultural Fijian Cruise – by Roger Allnutt
• All About Sydney - Australia - by Roger Allnutt

Roger Alnutt
Alec Alpert

Alec Alpert is a freelance travel journalist who covers North America, Europe, Central, and South America, with a focus on journey and destination travel. Alec can be reached at [email protected].

• USA: Cruising on the East Coast – by Alec Alpert

Bob Barton
• Europe: Cruising Beautiful Britain – by Bob Barton

Brooke Cunningham
Byron Clayton

Byron Clayton has been a freelance writer and passionate cruiser since 1984. He started the website Clayton Shipping in 2007, with a focus on ship appreciation in Asia. Byron has been living and traveling extensively in Asia for the last 10 years and he regularly publishes articles on shipping in Asia, UK and US.

Byron lives in Singapore with his wife and their two Pugs.

He can be contacted at [email protected]

• Asia : Aboard the SuperStar Gemini - by Byron Clayton

• Asia : Tips for Star Cruises 1 - by Byron Clayton
• Asia : Tips for Star Cruises 2 - by Byron Clayton

• Asia : Boutique Luxury Cruising - by Byron Clayton

Nick Constance

A London-based travel writer and copywriter, Nick has written for numerous publications, as well as TV and radio. He has also visited schools and prisons, holding poetry workshops.

In his role as Chief Copywriter for MS6 - an Austrian-based travel company - he has been fortunate enough to join the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on cruises in the Med, the Baltic and the Caribbean.

When he’s not wrestling with his latest article he’s scouring the world in anything from a steam train to a riverboat.

Nick can be reached at [email protected]

Brooke Cunningham
Brooke Cunningham
Writer and Photographer, Brooke Cunningham " experiences and reports to other avid travelers on some of the amazingly well thought out and luxurious places there are to visit on the planet. She can be reached at [email protected]

• Caribbean: Island to Island in the BVI – by Brooke Cunningham
• Caribbean: Island Hopping Under Seven Sails – by Brooke Cunningham
• Caribbean: Navigator Turns Skeptic’s Head – by Brooke Cunningham
• Pacific: A Charter on the Nemo Polynesia – by Brooke Cunningham
• Panama Canal: Visiting the Big Ditch – by Brooke Cunningham
• Usa: Leaving Maine by Schooner – by Brooke Cunningham

Toni Dabbs
• Antarctica: To the White Continent – by Toni Dabbs

David Ellis

David Ellis spent 20 years as a journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio and Television News Service, including 10 at Rabaul in the New Guinea Islands, brief stints in Jakarta and Singapore, and the remainder in Sydney where he rose to position of Chief of Staff, Radio News before leaving in 1979 to set up his own public relations business specialising in the travel industry, and to write Travel and Wine.

That means he’s been writing about his favourite subjects for over 30 years, venturing as far afield as the Arctic Circle to interview Santa Claus, South America for Great Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs' real story, to France to fly aboard the-then experimental Concorde, across Antarctica by air, and with James A. Michener to retrace where the author conceived his immortal Tales of the South Pacific...

Along the way he’s sipped the local reds, whites and bubblies… for purely scholarly reasons of course.

He can be contacted at [email protected]

• Steel Yourself for Your Island in the Sun . . . by David Ellis with Malcolm Andrews

Doug English
Doug English

Doug English is a freelance travel columnist whose weekly column on leisure travel appears in the London Free Press every Saturday and in other SunMedia newspapers in Canada at other times. He has twice been honoured by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, receiving The Globe & Mail Travel Media Award, one of TIAC’s National Awards for Tourism Excellence, in 2007, and TIAC’s 1991 Explore Canada Award for Canadian Print. He can be reached at [email protected]

Photo Doug English courtesy London Free Press

• Caribbean: The Magic and Wonder of Disney – by Doug English
• Europe : Her Loyal Passengers Love Mv Minerva – A discovery in the Baltic Sea

Richard Gilbert

• Jazz all at Sea – by Richard Gilbert

Winnie Graham
Winnie Graham
Winnie Graham,

Winnie Graham, former travel editor of The Star, South Africa's leading daily newspaper, started travelling seriously when she retired a few years ago.  Since then she has seen a fair bit of the world but confesses cruises - either ocean or river - are decidedly the most leisurely way of getting around. Trains come next on her list of favourite modes of travel. When she's home she lives in the mountain village of De Rust, a five hour drive from Cape Town. 

• Africa: Single Women Out to Sea – by Winnie Graham
• Africa: Island Hopping in the Seychelles – by Winnie Graham
• Asia: On the Legend of the Seas in Japan by Winnie Graham

Pamela Irving

Pamela Irving is a lifestyle journalist and communications consultant. You can find out more at:

• Alaska: Cruise to Lose is a Winner – by Pamela Irving

Naomi Kabak

• Europe: On a Canal Barge in France – by Naomi Kabak

Mike Keleher

Mike Keleher has been an avid SCUBA diver for 31 years, and has spent entirely too much time underwater trying to get sharks to hold still for photos.

Mike has previously published articles on diving, hunting, shooting and a variety of other topics.

Articles by Mike Keleher at Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine

• Scuba Cruise! – by Mike Keleher

Barbara Kingstone
Barbara Kingstone

Barbara Kingstone is a Toronto based journalist who has worked and lived on four continents thus fulfilling her childhood desire to see the world. After a few decades of travelling to the most exotic, glamorous but often not so glitzy destinations, she still thinks that she has the best job in the world. Exciting? yes. Tiring? yes. But as the old adage says, 'it's hard work but someone has to do it.' 

Just to confirm that she does get her challenging work done, check out Barbara's popular online magazine Indulged Traveler at and find the best destinations, jewellery, hotels, food and fashion, wine regions and cooking lessons. Her email address is [email protected]

• Ahoy, the Seabourn Spirit’s Luxurious Lifestyle - by Barbara Kingstone

• Asia: On the Road to Mandalay – by Barbara Kingstone

• Mediterranean: Never having to ask if you can drink the water – by Barbara Kingstone

David Kriso

Since the Fall of 2011, David Kriso has been in pursuit of a professional travel writing career. David lives in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, outside New York City. David is a part-time cruise line agent at the ports of New York City and Bayonne, NJ. He has also worked at the Boston cruise terminal. He is published both locally in his home town’s newspapers, The Gazette and The Observer. His stories discuss passenger rail and cruise travel. David is also published online, on Amtrak’s story web site

Outside writing, he is a teacher, an active alumnus of Salve Regina University, and a sixteen-year member of the Knights of Columbus. He currently serves as chancellor for his Knights of Columbus council in Hasbrouck Heights.

David can be contacted at [email protected]

• An Oasis of Memories: Seven Days Aboard The World’s Largest Cruise Ship – by David Kriso

Greg Latimer

In his role as Research Director for Mysterious Destinations, Greg Latimer personally travels to locations ranging from Cozumel, Mexico to Virginia City, Nevada and back to the wooded coastline of Maine.

Presently residing in Maine, his articles and photos continue to be published in The Lincoln County News and in 2001 he was recognized by the New England Press Association with an award for investigative reporting.

• Cruising Into Mystery with New Offering From Mysterious Destinations – by Greg Latimer

Stu Llyod

Stu Lloyd

[email protected]
Stu has had six books published, and contributes to The Australian, National Geographic Traveler, New Zealand Herald, Asian Geographic, and a number of in-flight magazines. Visit

• Asia: Borneo Journey into the Unknown – by Stu Lloyd

Jessica Mannering-Gold

• A Taste of Britain on the West Coast – by Jessica Mannering-Gold

Bob Marriott

Bob Marriott is a New Zealand freelance writer and photographer. His work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines in New Zealand and overseas, including Australia, The USA, England, Malaysia and China and on the internet.

A long time member of NZ Travel Communicators and the NZ Society of Authors, Bob has worked on Fodor’s New Zealand travel guides for over ten years, and also their guides to South-East Asia, South Pacific Cruise Guides and Tahiti and French Polynesia.

He has travelled to around sixty countries.

Bob Marriott – [email protected]

• Cruise the mysterious Marquesas – by Bob Marriott

Susan R Norton

Susan R. Norton (“Have Laptop, Will Travel”) is a travel writer who has been published in a wide range of magazines, newspapers and Internet sites. She is the recipient of 10 writing awards. Her poetry has been published in over 70 literary journals, magazines, anthologies, newspapers, greeting cards, two art exhibits, a cruise brochure, a tear off calendar, fortune cookies and book reviews.

Susan and co-author Susan Dawson have written a seven-book Easy Reader series for children, titled “Pyramid Pal’s Adventures In Eating” . It teaches and encourages healthy eating habits in kids through the introduction of fun cartoon food characters. Written in rhymed couplets, the book has sold over 40,000 copies and has now been published in a coloring book format.

Susan can be reached at [email protected]

• Caribbean: Pure Bred Sails In The Sunset – by Susan R Norton

Petra O'NeillPetra O’Neill

Petra O’Neill is a Freelance Travel Writer based in Sydney, Australia.

“As a child, I was greatly inspired by a story about a mouse who travelled to exotic locations on a magic carpet.”

After juggling a corporate career with journeys of adventure, travel finally held sway. Petra specialises in writing about remote destinations including Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and India. Petra’s work has appeared in numerous publications in Australia and the UK. She can be contacted at [email protected]

• China, South Korea and Japan with Azamara Club Cruises - by Petra O'Neill

• Asia : On the Mekong - by Petra O'Neill
• Asia : Along the Irrawaddy - by Petra O'Neill
• Journey to Borneo : On the Rajang River – by Petra O'Neill

Jim Peerless

• In the Down-island Groove – by Jim Peerless

Nicole Rebeiro

Nicole is a London-based travel journalist, and whilst she is not telling tales of her travels to the people of the local home where she volunteers, she is out discovering the world and creating new ones.

more about Honeymoon Cruises

• Running on Cruise

• Photography on an Alaska Cruise
• Avoiding putting on weight
• The real cost of cruises
• Maintaining mental health while cruising
• Enjoying the outdoors on an Alaska Cruise...

Julie Rekai Rickerd

Julie Rekai Rickerd is a Toronto-based travel and arts writer whose love of global adventure began at an early age. Forever on the move ever since, she has had the good fortune to visit all 7 of the world's continents. She has shared the details and pleasures of these journeys with her readers for many years. Among her favorite modes of travel are cruises that she began to enjoy in the early 1980s when there were but a few small ships plying the tourism waters. She has followed the extraordinary evolution of the enormous cruise industry with great interest and never does she miss an opportunity to take a cruise to one of the many corners of the world where ships of all sizes now go.

• Escaping Winter on a Caribbean Cruise – by Julie Rekai Rickerd
• On the Queen Victoria in the Panama Canal – by Julie Rekai Rickerd
• On the Volendam from Japan to Alaska to Canada – by Julie Rekai Rickerd

Kevin Retief

A freelance travel writer for a number of years, contributing to Newspapers and Magazines around the world, Kevin Retief now publishes several travel web sites including Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine. Other web sites include Top Events USA, and Travel Scribbles.

• Alaska: Hot Bouillon and Icy Waters – by Kevin Retief
• Alaska: Dah'monds on the Water – by Kevin Retief
• Atlantic: Part of the TransOcean Adventure – by Kevin Retief
• Caribbean: At a Different Pace – by Kevin Retief
• Mediteranean: As the Spirit Moves Us – by Kevin Retief
• Tahiti - Just Imagine – by Kevin Retief

Ursula and Eldrid Retief

After many years on newspapers, Ursula and Eldrid Retief are now Editors-in-Chief of several travel web sites including Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine.

• Atlantic: All Inclusive Means Just That – by Ursula and Eldrid Retief
• Canada: Cruising the St Lawrence – by Ursula and Eldrid Retief River
• Canada: Exploring BC's Spectacular Coast – by Ursula and Eldrid Retief
• Europe: On the Danube - River Perfect – by Ursula and Eldrid Retief
Europe: Christmas on Norway’s Coastal Express – by Ursula Retief
Europe: Exploring Scotland’s Western Isles – by Ursula and Eldrid Retief
• Panama Canal: Getting it Right – by Ursula and Eldrid Retief
• USA: Columbia River In Comfort – by Ursula and Eldrid Retief
• USA: Mississippi Steamboatin' – by Ursula and Eldrid Retief

Peter Sommer

Peter Sommer runs a specialist travel company, Peter Sommer Travels, offering cultural tours and gulet cruises in Turkey, Greece and Italy as well as private gulet charters for groups from 2-24 people. In 1994 he walked 2,000 miles retracing Alexander the Great’s route across Turkey and fell in love with the country, its ancient civilisations, and its people. An archaeologist and documentary producer he has worked on many acclaimed BBC TV series including In the footsteps of Alexander the Great, and Tales from the Green Valley. He personally leads a number of guided Turkey tours each year. You can find out more at

• Lycia Coast - Turkey – by Peter Sommer
• Turkey – Sailing Through History – by Peter Sommer

Sharon Spence Lieb

Sharon Spence Lieb

Sharon Spence Lieb is author of guidebooks on Florida, Chicago, Santa Fe, Trinidad and Seoul. She contributes articles on adventure, wildlife/nature, cruises, and offbeat luxury to a variety of global magazines, newspapers and webzines.

Her award winning "Globetrotters" travel/photo feature is published monthly in Charleston, South Carolina and here's the link to her adventures: – click Travel, scroll the page and explore Planet Earth with Sharon.

• Caribbean: Cruising the Maasdam - by Sharon Spence Lieb
• Pacific: A Tahitian Princess Rainbow - by Sharon Spence Lieb

Robert Tilley

Robert Tilley

Robert Tilley is a travel writer based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he runs the Writers Club and Wine Bar in between touring Southeast Asia in search of stories. He can be reached at or at [email protected]

Photos courtesy Pam and Eddy Lane ARPS and Robert Tilley

• Asia: Slowly Down the Mekong – by Robert Tilley

Christina Tree

Christina Tree is a freelance writer and author of several travel guides including Best Places to Stay in New England, How New England Happened, and three Explorers Guides for Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. In addition to having traveled extensively throughout New England, Christina has embarked on numerous windjammer cruises.

• USA: Windjamming Along the Maine Coast – by Christina Tree

Ruby Turner
Ruby Turner

Ruby Turner is an enthusiastic traveller and former industry professional. She held the position of Marketing Administrator for American Express Travel Canada before beginning a career in television and as a regular columnist for the Vancouver Sun. Her articles appear across Canada as part of CanWest Publication Network as well as appearing in international newspapers and on numerous websites.

• Alaska: Gone Fishin’ – by Ruby Turner
• Europe: Cruising the Croatian Adriatic Coast – by Ruby Turner

Richard Varr
Richard Varr

Richard Varr is a Houston-based freelance writer, travel writer and photographer. His website is

He blogs at

• Europe: Snaking through Languedoc’s Vineyards – by Richard Varr

Ruby Turner
Doug Yochim

Often feeling that he was born too late and missed the opportunity to travel on some of the most famous ships of the early to mid 20th century, Doug Yochim is making up for that as time permits and  has traveled with a number of cruise lines over the past 20 years.

• Atlantic: Crossing the Pond – by Doug Yochim

 Cruise Articles - Reviews

China, South Korea and Japan with Azamara Club Cruises

Japan to Alaska to Canada: Aboard the Volendam - by Julie Rekai Rickerd

Australia : Aboard the Celebrity Solstice - by Roger Allnutt

Asia : Aboard the SuperStar Gemini - by Byron Clayton


• Scuba Cruises


• Africa : Single Women Out to Sea
• Africa : Seychelles

• Alaska : Into the Last Frontier
• Alaska : Hot and Icy
• Alaska : Cruise to Lose
• Alaska : Dah'monds
• Alaska : Gone Fishin’
• Alaska : Small Ship Cruising
• Alaska : Up Close

• Antarctica : White Continent

• Asia : On the Mekong
• Asia : Star Cruises 1
• Asia : Star Cruises 2
• Asia : On the Irrawaddy
• Asia : Borneo Journey
• Asia : Boutique Luxury Cruising
• Asia : China River of Heaven
• Asia : Down the Mekong
• Asia : In Japan
• Asia : On the Rajang River
• Asia : The Road to Mandalay
Asia : Victoria Cruise Line

• Atlantic : Crossing the Pond
• Atlantic : TransOcean Adventure
• Atlantic : All Inclusive

• Australia : Great Barrier Reef
• Australia : River Murray
• Australia : Sydney Harbour

• Canada : St Lawrence River
• Canada : BC's Coast

• Caribbean : An Oasis of Memories
• Caribbean : Grenadines
• Caribbean : Cruise Into Mystery
• Caribbean : Down-island Groove
• Caribbean : Disney
• Caribbean : Escaping Winter
• Caribbean : At a Different Pace
• Caribbean : Jazz all at Sea
• Caribbean : Island to Island
• Caribbean : Island Hopping
• Caribbean : Navigator
• Caribbean : Puerto Rico
• Caribbean : Windsurf Cruise

• Europe : River Cruises in France
• Europe : Beautiful Britain

• Europe : Croatian Adriatic Coast
• Europe : On the Danube
• Europe : Mv Minerva
• Europe : Along the Danube
• Europe : Canal Barge in France
• Europe : Languedoc’s Vineyards
• Europe : Ireland’s Shannon River
• Europe : Norway’s Coast
• Europe : Scotland’s Isles

• Galapagos : The Golden Age

• Mediterranean : Luxurious Lifestyle
• Mediterranean : Luxury
• Mediterranean : More luxury

• Middle East : Lycia - Turkey
• Middle East : Sailing in Turkey

• Pacific : French Polynesia
• Pacific : Cultural Fijian Cruise
Pacific : Heritage Fijian Cruise
• Pacific : Tahitian Princess
• Pacific : Tahiti - Just Imagine
• Pacific : A Charter in Tahiti

• Panama Canal : With Cunard
• Panama Canal : Getting it Right
• Panama Canal : The Big Ditch
• Panama Canal : Ruby's Progress

• USA : Columbia River in Comfort
• USA : Cruising on the East Coast
• USA : Maine Windjamming
• USA : Maine by Schooner
• USA : Mississippi Steamboatin'
• USA : A Taste of Britain

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