Types of Cruises - Babymoon Cruises

Types of Cruises – Babymoon  Cruises


According to travel experts, a “babymoon cruise” (for those of you who may never have heard of such a thing) is a cruise for expectant couples - a last chance fling before the baby arrives.

And it makes perfect sense. There is no other vacation option that is as stress free as these types of cruises which makes the cruise the perfect babymoon vacation.

Consider your destination
Some cruises ply more peaceful waters than others, and if you’re pregnant you really don’t want to be tossed about the churning seas of the North Atlantic in the middle of winter.

Consider the cruise ship
If ship motion is of concern to you, even if the itinerary seems calm enough, make sure you book a stateroom that is midway from stern to aft and midway too (some forget this) from top to bottom. A cabin in this location will have the least movement, even in the roughest of waters.

If you have a choice between larger or smaller vessels, choose the larger cruise ship on these types of cruises. A larger ship will tend to be more stable.

Consider the itinerary
Depending on how easy the pregnancy, you will need to consider how active you want the cruise to be. For some an ideal babymoon cruise is one that takes in fewer ports and has a larger number of relaxing days at sea.

On the other hand, a day on board while everyone else has gone ashore can be very relaxing - more space by the pool, fewer people in the line up for the buffet ...

Find out about the medical facilities on board
Make sure there is a doctor on board and also check that prenatal care is available.

Find out about the medical facilities along the route
If you have the choice of different itineraries, rather pick the one that stops at ports with better medical facilities. This may not be the most exotic or daring cruise, but it will certainly be the safer one.

Check cruise line policies about pregnant passengers
Most cruise lines will not accept reservations for passengers who are more than 24 weeks or 6 months pregnant at the time of travel or if they should fall into this time line at any time during the cruise.

This ties in with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology's recommendation that the safest time for a pregnant woman to travel is between 18-24 weeks.

Despite this, some cruise lines have no restrictions at all, but whatever the restrictions, most of the cruise lines require a confirmation from the passengers’ doctor attesting that they are fit to travel.

Talk to your doctor about your cruise
Whatever the restriction be sure to talk with your doctor before even thinking of taking a babymoon cruise. If your doctor gives you the OK and is prepared to write a letter stating you are fit to travel - it’s all steam ahead!

Check the airline restrictions for pregnant passengers
If you are flying to your ports of embarkation, check the policies of your airline regarding pregnant passengers. You’ll be fine for the cruise, but may not be able to get there by air although it is more likely that the airline accept you as a passenger and the cruise line does not.

Check your travel insurance
Check with your insurance company as to what is and what is not covered by your policy. Some insurance companies do not cover pregnancy related care.

Photo courtesy Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

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