Types of Cruises - More about Honeymoon Cruises

Types of Cruises – Honeymoon  Cruises

by Nicole Rebeiro

Take a deep breath – you’ve done it. Your wedding day has passed without a hitch. The flowers arrived, the dress was altered just right, the vows were said, and the rings exchanged.

Now it is time for you and your spouse to pack your bags and spend a few well-earned days relishing the tender happiness that is reserved for newlyweds. Many newlyweds choose to spend this exceptionally happy time in their lives on a honeymoon cruise. Couples who choose to take cruises on their honeymoon will be able to celebrate their love surrounded by natural beauty, helpful staff, and special perks.

This article will highlight some of the popular destinations and particular features of honeymoon cruises.

One of the primary reasons a cruise holiday is ideal for honeymooners is the level of service that is provided. The moment you step onto the ship, the cruise staff will endeavor to meet all your needs – all you need to do is ask. Because cruises are all-inclusive affairs, you can let all of the leftover wedding stress melt away with delicious prepared meals, endless champagne, and poolside lounging. This level of customer service allows you to spend all of your time focusing on your love without limiting your vacation options. Because cruises travel all over the world, you can have the magical Caribbean getaway or Alaskan excursion you always dreamed of, with all the perks of having your needs met by a hospitable staff.

Destinations for honeymoon cruises are often chosen for their beautiful scenery and rich romantic history. You may choose a Mediterranean cruise, for instance, and stop at the majestic green bluffs of the island of Capri, on your way to see the unparalleled beauty of Venice’s narrow canals. Alternatively, you may hop between the Greek Islands of Mykonos, Corfu, and Santorini, taking in the white stucco houses and ancient fortresses. Some couples choose to go on a themed cruise based on a hobby they share. For instance, active newlyweds might choose an outdoors adventure cruise, while beach-loving or swim-loving spouses would choose a tropical getaway.

If you are looking for something extra special, look into the honeymoon packages available. Although honeymooners are often given upgrades free of charge to contribute to their blissful holiday, it’s safer to invest in a honeymoon package to ensure you have the experience you dreamed of. Honeymoon packages include amenities such as couple’s massages, champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries, fresh flowers, and breakfast in bed. In addition to this, you can expect extra privacy in the form of reserved tables for two during meal times. Most cruise lines offer special honeymoon receptions at twilight so you and your loved one can seclude yourselves, surrounded by only the panoramic sea views.

Cruises are popular for honeymoons because they exude romance. From dancing under the stars, to exploring tucked away islands, to staring out into the sea with your spouse, a cruise sets the scene for a week of unforgettable intimacy. If stunning locales, restaurant quality meals, and rose petals strewn on your bed sounds like something you would like, be sure to consider a honeymoon cruise when your special day gets close, and you and your spouse can embark on this new chapter of your life together.

Photo courtesy Celebrity Cruises

Nicole Rebeiro

Nicole is a London-based travel journalist, and whilst she is not telling tales of her travels to the people of the local home where she volunteers, she is out discovering the world and creating new ones.

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