Types of Cruises - Caribbean Cruises

Types of Cruises – Caribbean  Cruises


Unlike the Alaskan cruises that take place only in the summer months, Caribbean cruises tend to be more popular through the winter months, from October to March.

A cruise is the ideal way to visit a number of different Caribbean destinations in one trip without having to waste time in packing and unpacking and in travel from island to island.

Generally, the Caribbean means plenty of sunshine, stunning scenery, warm water, exotic beaches, great food, and an attitude best described by Jamaica's mantra, no problem, mon! Geographically, however, the Caribbean is not as easy to define.

Covering a vast area from the toe of Florida to the forehead of South America, the Caribbean Islands vary in scope from the lush, jungle-green slopes of Tortola, part of the British Virgin Islands, to the flat, beach-lined shores of Grand Cayman. They're all very different. What further complicates this, is that some cruise lines on these types of cruises are including Mexican ports of call, like Calica and Cozumel, as part of their Caribbean itineraries.

The 700 islands of The Bahamas, 80 kilometres off the coast of Florida, mark the start of The Caribbean. With a semitropical climate and undulating pine forests, they offer a gentle introduction to the region for first time cruisers, especially those arriving from North American cities like New York, and Canadian cities like Montreal.

Jamaica, to the east of the clean and safe British Cayman Islands, is the third largest island in the Caribbean and is one of the most popular destinations in the region. With a more lively emphasis on music and dance – the fun aspect of the area – Jamaica typifies what The Caribbean is all about: colour, excitement and beauty.

St Martin, a popular cruise port and starting-off point for the Leeward Islands, is best known for its hundreds of duty-free shops, boutiques and 36 fabulous beaches.

For those more interested in wildlife and nature, the lush national park on St John, the pride of the US Virgin Islands may be more appropriate. Or for those with fame and riches in mind, the exclusive garden isle of St Barts is not far.

Departures for these types of cruises are from all points of the area, but principally from Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Photo courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines

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