Types of Cruises - Clothing Optional Cruises

Types of Cruises – Clothing Optional  Cruises


Clothing optional cruises are like almost any other cruise - except that you don't have to wear clothes.

And, a major plus, you can cut back dramatically on your packing! It doesn’t mean you’re naked for the entire cruise, of course. Be sure when booking your cruise to establish the exact terms of the cruise: is full nudity allowed everywhere on the ship all the time or do you have to dress for dinner or in the casino? Remember, you don’t have an option when you go ashore!

Given your state of undress on these types of cruises it may be an idea to pick a sunny destination ... it’s one of the reasons the Caribbean is such a popular clothing optional cruise destination. At many of them you can also enjoy local topless and nude beaches. The clothing optional trend started in the Mediterranean which is also a popular destination for clothes-free cruisers as naturalism is widely accepted there.

Fellow passengers will be of all shapes, sizes and ages. Some will be in their early 20s or late 60s, but most of them will be between 35 to 50 years old. You can take your pick of nude cruises on yachts, Tall Ships, and on big cruise ships.

Clothes optional cruises are not offered by the major cruise lines themselves on these types of cruises. There are companies which specialize in nude travel, some with descriptive names like Bare-Necessities, Castaway and Shoes Only Travel. They charter cruise ships from some of the best known cruise lines and sell the voyage to individuals or groups.

They also offer clothing optional cruises on yachts and Tall Ships. These cruises cater to smaller, intimate groups of optional clothing travelers. For most small yachts, the captain and mate are often a husband and wife team who are nude friendly or nudists themselves. Their cruise itineraries often focus on fun voyages and don't cover great distances.

There is of course a certain etiquette in place on clothing optional cruises. You may shed your clothes but don’t shed your manners. Don’t gawk at other passengers and photography is a no-no (unless your fellow passengers consent). Keep a towel on hand for covering any furniture you sit on. And keep your crude or lewd remarks about another person’s body or appearance to yourself.

Photo courtesy Star Clippers

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