Types of Cruises - Mediterranean Cruises

Types of Cruises – Mediterranean  Cruises


The Mediterranean, blessed with long, hot summers, a beautiful coastline, rich history and diverse culture, is the most popular tourist destination in the world – attracting a third of the world’s international tourists.

Over 20 modern states have a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea which is fringed by magnificent beaches and islands. So it is a popular target region for cruise lines.

In the Western Mediterranean are Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, France, the west coast of Italy, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia .... and of course the wonderful islands of Capri, Sicily and Corsica.

Many now commit ships - including some of the world’s newest and biggest - to homeports in the Mediterranean to satisfy the tremendous interest in exploring western civilization’s greatest cities and treasured landmarks in style and comfort with these types of cruises.

Particularly popular are cruises in the eastern Mediterranean which includes the east coast of Italy, Greece, Turkey, The Balkans (Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina), Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Egypt and Libya.

The Mediterranean is home to some of the world's most exciting and spectacular cities including Rome, Venice, Florence, Barcelona, Naples, Athens, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Aleppo, Damascus, Beirut, Jerusalem, Amman, Cairo and Alexandria.

The South East Mediterranean serves as a gateway to the area's many historical, cultural and religious sites and attractions, including Cairo, Jerusalem, Jericho, Petra and the Suez Canal.

One of the reasons cruising has become a popular alternative form of vacationing for visitors wanting to explore the Mediterranean is the expense of land-based holidays. Europe has become increasingly expensive.

For travelers, including families, who want to sample one of the world’s greatest travel destinations, including visiting multiple cities, often in different countries, and enjoy it all in remarkable comfort and convenience, it would be hard to find a better way to visit the Mediterranean, or a better value, than on these types of cruises.

The reasons are numerous. To begin with, there is the inclusive nature of cruise pricing – for one price the traveler receives accommodations, all meals, entertainment, shipboard recreation and enrichment activities, and travel from city to city, port to port, country to country.

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