Cruise News - P&O Cruises celebrate 175 years at sea

Princess CruisesJuly 15 - 2012 : P&O Celebrates 175 Years of Cruising

P&O Cruises really has something to celebrate this year as they honor 175 years of world cruising. Few cruise lines can boast of such a heritage. Not many of the major cruise lines in operation today can be proud of such beginnings as far back as 1837 when P&O (then called the Peninsular Steam Navigation Company) became the mail carrier for the Admiralty to the Iberian Peninsula and beyond.

Today, 175 years later, P&O Cruises has become one of the worlds premier cruise lines. The most well known of their cruise ships are the Oriana, Arcadia and Aurora and they are all well known for their world cruises.

Celebrations for this special year have already begun with a major event in Southampton, England – another history breaking occasion – when all seven ships of the P&O cruise line (Adonia, Arcadia, Aurora, Azura, Oceana, Oriana and Ventura) assembled in one space, at one time, to mark this unique celebration.

Commenting on Princess Anne’s participation in this event, and the event in general, P&O Cruises World Cruising managing director, Carol Marlow said “As one of our esteemed Godmothers, Princess Anne’s presence and the congregation of our entire fleet to celebrate 175 years of heritage will go down in British maritime history and provide long lasting memories,” she said.

To mark all these 175 years of its worldwide cruising, P&O Cruises has created a new website celebrating this ground breaking event and has invited past passengers and crew to take part and share their memories of their own and their families‘ participation in the history of P&O. See

The facebook page dedicated to P&O cruises at invites even more collections of memories and histories concerning past passengers’ travels with P&O Cruises.

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