Everything You Need to Know about Tunis, Tunisia as a Port of Call

by Maha Ben Slimane

Sydney, Australia

Tunis lies at the heart of the Mediterranean basin, and at the crossroads of the Arab, African and European worlds. From the earliest times, Tunisian society has been outward-looking, open to the sea and to diverse cultural influences.

A city of contrasts
A city of contrasts set between the ancient Medina and the modern capital city of today. In Tunis, the cult of modernism refuses to deny a glorious past - a city where yesterday and today seem to blend so naturally and intimately.

City of culture
The name of Ibn Khaldoun, born in Tunis in the year 1332, is synonymous with that of the city itself. He was a witness to momentous events in the capital life and a man who somehow optimizes the permanent dialogue between ancient and modern, which is so typical of this warm and welcoming city.

City of colors
Tunis, the white city. Tunis, the green city. Tunis, the city of gardens where the palette of green hues is broken by flashes of colors which are somehow rendered bolder by the blue canopy of its skies.

Tunis is an ever-changing city. You can cross the city and get the feel of the spirit and soul of the place through its architecture. From the 'novecento' baroque of apartment and office buildings to the rococo façade of the Municipal Theatre and the splendidly futuristic creation of more modern architects. In the immediate vicinity of the city centre, one finds museums, exhibition halls and art galleries, all of which reflect the intensity of cultural life in Tunis.


 Cruise Terminals in Tunis (La Goulette)

Cruise ships visiting Tunis, Tunisia dock at either the commercial pier in La Goulette, a fishing port just eight miles north of Tunis, or at the recently built cruise terminal that also features a brand new and very popular tourist attraction - Goulette Village Harbor - which allows visitors to experience all facets of Tunisia, during a short stopover. By combining the functionality of modernity and traditional charm, it offers cruise passengers, in addition to the available services and shops, fun activities and entertainment.

There is also a convenient train service (TGM) directly to the center of Tunis

 Cruise Lines using Tunis (La Goulette)

Cruise lines that visit Tunis include Princess Cruises, Star Clippers, Costa Cruises, MSC Cruises and more

Must See Attractions in Tunis (La Goulette) and Tunisia

Tunisia has a long history, in which many civilizations have settled and left their mark on the landscape and culture of the country. Many historical settlements and remains of the Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and Punic eras are found in this country and most of these sites are remain in excellent status

Thanks to its strategic position, La Goulette call can offer a large and wide variety of shore excursions: cultural, shopping, sightseeing and even beach sunbathing!


One of the most famous historical sites in Tunisia. Carthage still contains splendor of long ago and is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Carthage contains many magnificent Roman buildings such as the Antonine Baths and the Amphitheatre.
Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul
Built in 1882, this is the largest surviving building from Tunis' colonial era, in the neo-Romanesque style.

Bardo Museum
Tunis also hosts the Bardo museum which proclaims one of the largest selections of mosaics in the world as well as antiquities that date from prehistoric times through to present-day Tunisia.
The Medina of Tunis
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tunis’ Medina is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the Islamic world. The souk has remained virtually unchanged since the 13th century and still contains its oriental charm. The Medina is a great place to spend the day shopping and see mosques, palaces and Kasbahs.

Zitouna Mosque (Jemaa ez-Zitouna).
The largest mosque in Tunisia, this Aghlabite mosque dates back to the 8th century, although the distinctive square minaret is a much later 19th century addition. Modest dress essential, but non-Muslims can only enter the courtyard, not the mosque itself.

Sidi Bou Said
An enchanting village on a rocky hill overseeing the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its blue doors and shutters that contrast against the white
facades covered with colorful geraniums and bougainvillea.


Hammamet/ Nabeul
Located in Cap Bon, Hammamet is an impressive Tourist Resort with beautiful beaches and hotels. Tourist can visit the Spanish fort in the heart of the Medina, the tourist zone of Yasmine Hammamet or Bou Argoub to taste a collection of Tunisian wines produced in the neighboring vineyards.

Nabeul city is well known for famous pottery and ceramic workshops.

It is an ancient Roman city in northern Tunisia, included in a 65 hectare archaeological site. UNESCO qualified Dougga as a World Heritage Site in 1997, believing that it represents “the best-preserved Roman small town in North Africa”.

Founded in 671, Kairouan is located in the center of the country (150 km from Tunis). First capital of Arabs and muslims in North Africa, Kairouan is offering the best arab Islamic monuments: the Great Mosque, the mausoleum of Sidi Sahbi with its gorgeous Aghlabites tiles, the Aghlabite’s pools, and the Medina of Kairouan with its lovely architecture and handicrafts. Kiarouan is a capital of handmade carpets that Berber women used to make with a lot of passion and patience.


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 in Tunisia

The temperature in Tunisia is generally temperate with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.

Summers in Tunisia are hot and humid with temperatures in July, August and September peaking at 35ºC and dropping to about 15ºC in the winter months. Average rainfall is a meagre 3ml in the summer and 64ml in the winter months

 in Tunisia

Although USA dollars and euros are usually accepted everywhere, the official currency of Tunisia is the Tunisian dinar or lire.

 of Tunisia

Tunisian Arabic is the official language of Tunisia, though both French and English are widely understoof and accepted.

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