Cruise News - Royal Princess to feature photo displays

MSC Cruises - new MSC MagnificaJuly 28 - 2012 : “Memories at Sea” display aboard the Royal Princess to feature photo by Mysterious Destinations Research Director Greg Latimer.

One of the highlights of the new Royal Princess of Princess Cruises, the largest ship in the Princess fleet due to launch in June 2013, is the exciting and permanent “Memories at Sea” display including a photograph taken by Mysterious Destinations Research Director Greg Latimer of in Maine.

MSC Splendida
Photo:“Sunset at El Faro, Mazatlan” by Greg Latimer

Greg Latimer has already contributed several articles of great interest to Prow’s Edge Cruise Magazine, including:

• Cruising Into Mystery with New Offering From Mysterious Destinations

There is more to choosing a cruise now than just worrying about how big your balcony is, how many deck chairs there are at the pool and how many meals you can squeeze into one day.

Greg Latimer takes a refreshing look at something different. Cruising really can be about a novel and new experience.

The photo in question, “ Sunset at El Faro, Mazatlan”, was taken during a Mysterious Destinations research expedition to the west coast of Mexico aboard the Sapphire Princess that used a buccaneer journal written in the mid 1600’s to locate and visit the same areas looted by these English raiders as they lay in wait for Spanish treasure galleons (large cargo ships) sailing from the Philippines and Peru to Panama.

“In a world where most people lived and died within walking distance of their birthplace, these guys were like astronauts,” comments Greg Latimer. “The writer of the journal we were following, William Dampier, circumnavigated the world three times – an achievement even in these days of jet air travel.”

Mysterious Destinations, which guides tour groups into “the unknown and unexplained”, is also are offering a cruise ship based Western Caribbean Expedition with exploration of paranormal sites in Cozumel and Jamaica.

Mysterious Destinations

Click here for more information about Mysterious Destinations or telephone 207-380-4677.

Click here for more information about Princess Cruises.

Greg Latimer

In his role as Research Director for Mysterious Destinations, Greg Latimer personally travels to locations ranging from Cozumel, Mexico to Virginia City, Nevada and back to the wooded coastline of Maine.

Presently residing in Maine, his articles and photos continue to be published in The Lincoln County News and in 2001 he was recognized by the New England Press Association with an award for investigative reporting.

Articles by Greg Latimer at Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine

• Cruising Into Mystery with New Offering From Mysterious Destinations – by Greg Latimer



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