Cruise News - Aurora Expeditions sails into the Inside Passage of Alaksa

April 05 - 2013 : Aurora Expeditions Explore Alaska in 2014

Exciting news for those wanting to explore the Inside Passage of Alaska in a little more detail than most of the major cruise lines feature on their mega-large cruise ships.

In 2014 Aurora Expeditions is introducing a cruise that will take passengers deep into the heart of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

Aboard the 60-passenger Wilderness Adventurer this cruise will explore secluded bays, cruise past massive icebergs and calving glaciers into the feeding ground of the largest concentration of humpback whales in the Northern Hemisphere, and witness the majestic forests that are home to an array of wildlife including black and brown bears, wolves, moose, mink, otters, eagles, and sea birds.

In keeping with the Aurora family, two of their favourite expedition team members, Dr Gary Miller and Dr Robyn Mundy, will be on board to explore this fabulous region with the passengers.

Zodiacs will zip passengers from ship to shore, and an expert team will offer a range of guided trekking options through magical untouched wilderness, where caves, waterfalls, local cultures and wildlife are just some of the highlights.

For more details about the ‘Ultimate Adventure - Alaska’s Inside Passage' see:

Aurora Expeditions is an Australian-owned adventure company specializing in small-group voyages to the Polar Regions and other wild, remote destinations.

A world leader in expedition cruising, Aurora Expeditions offers passengers the chance to have an intimate experience of the destination, with the support of expert staff and flexible, innovative itineraries.

Deeply committed to education and preservation of the environment, Aurora's philosophy is to respectfully visit these wilderness areas in turn creating ambassadors for their protection.

For more details about Aurora Expeditions visit the Prow’s Edge profile of the company at:
and/or visit the Aurora Expeditions web site at:

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