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Favorite cruise recipes from famous cruise line chefs like Jacques Pépin and Georges Blanc.

Executive cruise line chefs share their favourite cruise recipes for you to enjoy right here at Prow’s Edge Cruise Magazine.

Crystal Cruises

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa Crystal Cruises

Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, a celebrity chef known for his fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with South American (Peruvian) ingredients, is one of the world’s greatest culinary artists.

click here for Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's recipe for the Captain's Table

 Fleet Corporate Chef
 Oceania Cruises

Fleet Corporate Chef Franck Garanger for Oceania Cruises shares a special recipe with Seaweed-Flaked Fillet of Atlantic Turbot for Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine.

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 Executive Chef
 SeaDream Yacht Club

Chef Jean-Marie-Zimmermann for Cunard LineExecutive Chef Sudesh Kishore of adds his Indian heritage to the menus for SeaDream Yacht Club and shares here his recipe for Cream of Pumpkin Soup

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 Executive Chef
 Holland America Line

Chef Jean-Marie-Zimmermann for Cunard LineExecutive Chef Rudi Sodamin, and leading light in Holland America Line’s onboard culinary program shares a recipe from his latest cook book for Vegetarian Black bean Chili.

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 Global Culinary Ambassador -  Cunard Line

Chef Jean-Marie-Zimmermann for Cunard LineExecutive Chef Jean-Marie Zimmermann, Global Culinary Ambassador of Cunard Line, operator of the most famous ocean liners in the world shares his unique recipe for Crab Brioche Thermidor with Prow's Edge readers.

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 M/y Grace - Quasar Expeditions

Angel ChoezCapturing the sounds and smells of the islands, Quasar Expeditions' Chef Angel Choez prides himself in giving guests a gastronomical experience to complement the great wildlife experiences around them.

click here for Chef Angel Choez's recipe for the Captain's Table...

 Uniworld Boutique River Cruise  Collection

Dirk HelsigWith over 30 years of culinary experience, including creating culinary delights for passengers on six around-the-world cruises with luxury cruise lines like Silversea and Crystal Cruises, Uniworld’s Culinary Director, Master Chef Bernhard Zorn provides Prow's Edge readers with a recipe for his Veal Mignon "River Queen”

click here for Chef Bernhard Zorn's recipe for the Captain's Table...

 Executive Chef - Fred Olsen Cruise  Lines

Dirk HelsigChef Dirk Helsig brings his extensive European experience to the Captain's Table with his recipe for GRAVLAKS - making it sound easier than you thought to cure your own salmon for a delicious starter, canapé or even served wafer thin over hot steamed new potatoes with a mustard dill hollandaise.

click here for Chef Dirk Helsig's recipe for the Captain's Table...

 Executive Chef - AQUA  EXPEDITIONS

Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino for Aqua ExpeditionsLima star Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino oversees the M/V Aqua menus and restaurant operations, focusing on fresh, delicious Peruvian fare, paired with fine South American wines.

click here for Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino's recipe for the Captain's Table...

 MS Europa - Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

Chef Stefan WilkeChef Stefan Wilke’s impressive career has included tours of duty at some of Germany’s top hotels with Michelin-star chefs such as Harald Wohlfahrt. Since August 2006 Chef Stefan Wilke has been Chef de Cuisine of MS EUROPA. For our readers aboard Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine, Chef Stefan Wilke shares his recipe for a Lemongrass Curry soup.

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 Pandaw Cruises

Chef Prom Nhorn for Pandaw River CruisesChef Prom Nhorn has been with Pandaw Cruises for 3 years. In this new contribution to the Captain's Table, Chef Prom Nhorn shares 3 new recipes including Grilled Lobster Asian Style, Green Mango Salad with Fried Fish, and Banana Fritters

click here for Chef Prom Nhorm's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Maine Windjammer Association

Chef Cara Lauzon for Maine Windjammer AssociationCara Lauzon's love of outdoor adventure and food led her to Maine, where she signed on as messmate on the Schooner Stephen Taber.  After two years of assisting chefs in the galley, Cara assumed the role of chef (although she prefers to be called the cook), and her rare talent continues to blossom.  A perfect match for the Taber: good home cooking with gourmet flair.

click here for Cara Lauzon's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Maine Windjammer Association

Chef Paul Dorr for Maine Windjammer AssociationPopular Chef Aimee LePage aboard the Maine Windjammer Association's Stephen Taber provides Prow's Edge readers with a tasty recipe for a Gaspacho thathas her own twist.

click here for Chef Aimee LePage's recipe for Gaspacho from the Captain's Table...

 Maine Windjammer Association

Chef Paul Dorr for Maine Windjammer AssociationPaul Dorr took his first job at sea as a temporary cook while the owners looked for a long-term replacement. He ended up staying for five years. He then joined the Maine Windjammer fleet where he now runs the galley on the two-masted topsail Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch (with his brother Owen as the captain).

click here for Paul Dorr's recipe for Chicken Marbella from the Captain's Table...

 Maine Windjammer Association

Chef Ann Williamson for Maine Windjammer AssociationChef Ann Williamson, prior Chef aboard three Maine Windjammer Association schooners – Grace Bailey, Mercantile, and Mistress provides Prow's Edge readers with a tasty recipe for a Tossed Spinach Cashew Salad.

click here for Ann Williamson's recipe for Tossed Spinach Cashew Salad from the Captain's Table...

 Founder VOLOCHEF® Culinary  Solutions

Chef Daivd Shalleck - Founder VolochefFounder of VOLOCHEF® Culinary Solutions offering specialized services to the hospitality and media industries as well as private dining for special occasions and events, Chef David Shalleck is currently creating Mediterranean menus and recipes for Degrees Restaurant on board Windstar Cruises’ motor sailing yacht Wind Surf.

click here for David Shalleck's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Executive Culinary Director -  Oceania Cruises

Jacques Pépin is the host of award-winning cooking shows, author of more than 20 cookbooks and has served as personal chef to numerous heads of state. In his capacity as Executive Culinary Director with Oceania Cruises, Chef Pepin shares his recipe for a Tomato and Zucchini Salad

click here for Chef Pépin's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Elegant Cruises

Chef Zoran for Elegant CruisesThe recipe for the Zagorje Cheese Strukli offered here by Chef Zoran of Elegant Cruises' MS Monet is a famous Croatian dish from the Zagorje region.

It is so celebrated that Croatia's Ministry of Culture has awarded the traditional home-made Strukli the status of a protected asset and as such, it is entered in the Registry of Protected Cultural Assets of the Republic of Croatia.

click here for Chef Zoran's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Carnival Cruises

Chef Georges Blanc for Carnival CruisesGeorges Blanc – one of France's most revered and recognized master chefs who has maintained the coveted three stars from Michelin for the past 25 years – is creating a series of one-of-a-kind dishes to be served aboard Carnival Cruise Lines' ships.

"Georges Blanc Signature Selections" include a wide variety of gourmet appetizers, entrees and desserts.

click here for Georges Blanc's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Hebridean International Cruises

Chef Marc Calderbank for Hebridean Island CruisesChef de Cuisine Marc Calderbank shares with Prow's Edge readers the recipe of one of his magical dishes on the Hebridean Princess.

These ingredients serve 2 for that intimate dinner ... double or treble them for parties of 4 or 6.

click here for Marc Calderbank's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Majestic America Lines (as was)

Chef Gregory Hoop Executive Chef Gregory Hoop of Majestic America Lines (as was) Empress of the North (as was) shares with you this tasty, easy-to-prepare dish for four.

click here for Gregory Hoop's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Regent Seven Seas

Chef Franck Jeandon for Regent Seven Seas CruisesOne of the delights of a cruise on a Regent Seven Seas ship is the Le Cordon Bleu Workshops when the luxury line's top chefs pass on some of their tips.

The name "Le Cordon Bleu¨ of Paris has been synonymous with culinary excellence.

click here for Franck Jeandon's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Palle Jorgensen for Fred Olsen Cruise LinesDanish-born Palle Jorgensen, Corporate Executive Chef of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, is responsible for the planning of all menus on the line's three cruise ships.

Jorgensen began his culinary career on board the Royal Danish Yacht Dannebrog in 1982.

click here for Palle Jorgensen's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Windstar Cruises

Chef Nader for Windstar CruisesExecutive Chef Nader, aboard Windstar Cruises' Wind Surf, shares his secrets for the best french baguette possible - and it's all in the timing...

click here for Chef Nader's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Winstar Cruises

Chef Daryl Neamtu for Windstar CruisesWindstar Cruises’ Chef Daryl Neamtu has won the 2nd Annual BACARDI Bartender & Chef Cruise Competition.  His winning vegetarian recipe is served on board all three Windstar ships.

Beluga Lentil and Basmati rice cake, served with a sautéed Spinach, Citrus poached Carrots and a Bombay Sapphire Gin Butter sauce.

click here for Daryl Neamtu's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Costa Cruises

Chef Purificacion for Costa CruisesOnce Executive chef aboard Costa Cruises’ Costa Victoria, now rumored to have his own restuarant in Denmark, Villardo R Purificacion Jr didn’t have an easy job.

"My biggest challenge," he said, "is pleasing the culinary palates of all Costa’s passengers." It may sound like an impossible task, but catering to the varieties of cultures, religions and traditions observed by the ships multitude of passengers is what made his job so rewarding.

click here for VR Purificacion's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Silversea Cruises

Chef Walter Rosner for Silversea CruisesExecutive Chef Walter Rosner of the Silver Shadow hails from a small village in the Austrian countryside where he started his culinary career at a 5-star hotel. After extensive experience in the Tyrolean Alps, Burgundy (France) and top-rated Connecticut (USA) restaurants where he won major plaudits from the New York Times, he worked on several cruise lines before finding his home in December 1994 with Silversea Cruises.

click here for Walter Rosner's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Crystal Cruises

Chef Manfred Schaller for Crystal CruisesOver the years so many guests yearned to learn the secrets of its haute cuisine that Crystal Cruises finally published The Crystal Cruises Cookbook, a stylish collection of nearly 100 recipes and wine pairings from the ultra-luxury cruise line’s award-winning culinary repertoire.

On the Crystal Harmony, Executive Chef Manfred Schaller takes guests on his own delicious culinary journey.

click here for Manfred Schaller's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Holland America Line

Wolfgang Wasshausen for Holland America LineEvery body knows that part of a cruise is all about being spoilt and pampered. What better way to be spoilt than with these Chocolate Chip Cookies - a recipe from Wolfgang Wasshausen, Executive Chef, Holland America Line.

click here for Wolfgang Wasshausen's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Cunard Line

Chef Karl Winkler for Cunard LineCunard's $800-million Queen Mary 2 is the largest, longest, tallest and most expensive passenger ship ever built ..... and she is also the first ship to debut a "Chef's Galley" where passengers are taught by the chef how to prepare their meal just prior to dining. The new restaurant will feature both Cunard chefs and guest appearances by world-famous chefs sponsored by Gourmet magazine.

click here for Karl Winkler's recipe from the Captain's Table...

 Cruise Line Chefs

Executive cruise line chefs share their favourite cruise recipes

• Nobu Matsuhisa (Crystal Cruises)
• Franck Garanger (Oceania cruises)
• Georges Blanc (Carnival)
• Marc Calderbank (Hebridean)
• Angel Choez (Quasar)
• Paul Dorr (Maine Windjammer)
• Dirk Helsig (Fred Olsen)
• Gregory Hoop
• Franck Jeandon (Regent)
• Palle Jorgensen
• Sudesh Kishore (SeaDream)
• Cara Lauzon (Maine Windjammer)
• Aimee LePage (Maine Windjammer)
• Chef Nader (Windstar)
• Daryl Neamtu (Windstar)
• Prom Nhorn (Pandaw)
• Jacque Pépin (Oceania Cruises)
• VR Purificacion (Costa Cruises)
• Walter Rosner (Silversea)
• Pedro Miguel Schiaffino (Aqua)
• David Shalleck (Windstar)
• Manfred Schaller (Crystal)
• Rudi Sodamin (Holland America Line)
• Sarah Swan (Maine Windjammer)
• Wolfgang Wasshausen (HAL)
• Stefan Wilke (Hapag-Lloyd)
• Ann Williamson (Maine Windjammer)
• Karl Winkler (Cunard)
• Chef Zoran (Elegant Cruises)
• Jean-Marie Zimmermann (Cunard)
• Bernhard Zorn (Uniworld)

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