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Favourite cruise recipes from famous cruise line chefs like Jacques Pépin and Georges Blanc.

Executive cruise line chefs share their favourite cruise recipes for you to enjoy right here at Prow’s Edge Cruise Magazine

Prow’s Edge sails into cruise line galleys for a closer look at the dishes their chefs put on the Captain’s Table.


• Andean Potato & Cheese Soup (Locro de Papa) - Chef Angel Choez for Quasar Expeditions

• Cream of Pumpkin Soup - Sudesh Kishore of SeaDream Yacht Club

• Beluga - Lentil and Basmati rice cake, served with a sautéed Spinach, Citrus poached Carrots and a Bombay Sapphire Gin Butter sauce - Chef Daryl Neamtu for Windstar Cruises

• Gravlaks - Chef Dirk Helsig for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

• Lemongrass Curry Soup - Chef Stefan Wilke for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises


Black Cod with Miso - Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa for Crystal cruises

Seaweed-Flaked Fillet of Atlantic Turbot over Zucchini with Stuffed Clams and Champagne Foam - Chef Franck Garanger for Oceania cruises

• Black Bean Vegetarian Chili - Chef Rudi Sodamin for Holland America Line

• Citrus-Cilantro Salmon with Pineapple-Mango Salsa - Galley Cook Cara Lauzon aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber, Maine Windjammer Association

• Chicken Kiev - Chef Gregory Hoop for Majestic America Lines (as was)

• Chicken Marbella - Chef Paul Dorr aboard the Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch, Maine Windjammer Association

• Classic French Baguette - Chef Nader for Windstar Cruises

• Crab Brioche Thermidor - Chef Jean-Marie Zimmermann for Cunard Line

• Fresh Scottish Lobster with Papaya, Tarragon and Fresh Garden Leaves dressed with Truffle Vinaigrette - Chef Marc Calderbank for Hebridean Island Cruises

• Galapagos Spiny Lobster Ceviche (Ceviche de Langostino de Galápagos) - Chef Angel Choez for Quasar Expeditions

• Green Mango Salad with Fried Fish - Chef Prom Nhorn for Pandaw Cruises

• Grilled Lobster Asian Style - Chef Prom Nhorn for Pandaw Cruises

• Grilled Swordfish with Naked Caponata - Chef David Shalleck for Windstar Cruises

• Pan-Fried Sea Bass Fillet, 'Barigoule'-style Vegetables, Anise Sauce
- Franck Jeandon for Regent Seven Seas Cruises

• Pan-Roasted Speckled Scorpionfish in Lemon Butter & Capers Sauce (Pez Brujo en mantequilla de limón y alcaparras) - Chef Angel Choez for Quasar Expeditions

• Pan Seared Maine Lobster, Tomato Confit & Porcini in Ginger Oil - Georges Blanc for Carnival Cruises

• Pasta Trio - Chef Villardo R Purificacion Jr (as was) for Costa Cruises

• Salmon or Sea Bass in Crispy Potato Crust on Sauteed Spring Onions and Shitake Mushrooms Tomato and Basil Nag • e - Chef Karl Winkler for Cunard Line

• Sautéed Beef Tenderloin Strips - Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino for Aqua Expeditions

• Seafood Salad "Black Watch" - Chef Palle Jorgensen for Fred Olsen Crusie Lines

• Sesame Seared Saku Tuna Loin with Marinated White Radishes with Soya and Wasabi Dressing - Chef Walter Rosner for Silversea Cruises

• Veal Mignon “River Queen” - Master Chef Bernhard Zorn for Uniworld Boutique River Cruises


• Gaspacho - Chef Aimee LePage aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber, Maine Windjammer Association

• Harvest Stuffing - Chef Sarah Swan aboard the Schooner Angelique, Maine Windjammer Association

• Pineapple-Mango Salsa - Galley Cook Cara Lauzon aboard the Schooner Stephen Taber, Maine Windjammer Association

• Tomato and Zucchini Salad - Chef Jacques Pépin for Oceania Cruises

• Tossed Spinach Cashew Salad - Chef Ann Williamson for Maine Windjammer Association

• Zagorje Cheese Strukli - Chef Zoran for Elegant Cruises


• Banana Fritters - Chef Prom Nhorn for Pandaw Cruises

• Chocolate Chip Cookies - Chef Wolfgang Wasshausen for Holland America Line

• Chocolate Truffles with Orange and Grand Marnier Flavors - Chef Manfred Schaller for Crystal Cruises

 Cruise Line Chefs

Executive cruise line chefs share their favourite cruise recipes

• Nobu Matsuhisa (Crystal Cruises)
• Franck Garanger (Oceania cruises)
• Georges Blanc (Carnival)
• Marc Calderbank (Hebridean)
• Angel Choez (Quasar)
• Paul Dorr (Maine Windjammer)
• Dirk Helsig (Fred Olsen)
• Gregory Hoop
• Franck Jeandon (Regent)
• Palle Jorgensen
• Sudesh Kishore (SeaDream)
• Cara Lauzon (Maine Windjammer)
• Aimee LePage (Maine Windjammer)
• Chef Nader (Windstar)
• Daryl Neamtu (Windstar)
• Prom Nhorn (Pandaw)
• Jacque Pépin (Oceania Cruises)
• VR Purificacion (Costa Cruises)
• Walter Rosner (Silversea)
• Pedro Miguel Schiaffino (Aqua)
• David Shalleck (Windstar)
• Manfred Schaller (Crystal)
• Rudi Sodamin (Holland America Line)
• Sarah Swan (Maine Windjammer)
• Wolfgang Wasshausen (HAL)
• Stefan Wilke (Hapag-Lloyd)
• Ann Williamson (Maine Windjammer)
• Karl Winkler (Cunard)
• Chef Zoran (Elegant Cruises)
• Jean-Marie Zimmermann (Cunard)
• Bernhard Zorn (Uniworld)

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